If you are imagining a location that has stunning shorelines and situated in the foothills of the Otways, Apollo Bay is your best location. If you are from Melbourne, getting to Apollo Bay will be very easy as it is just a two and a half hour drive. You could definitely enjoy the sand or check out the numerous tourist attractions around Apollo Bay. If one day is not enough for you to check out the location, no reason to fret. You could pick from the various bed and breakfast Apollo Bay Victoria has that you can select from.
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If you take a trip solo or with your family and friends, it does not matter. There are a lot of holiday accommodation choices like bed and breakfast Apollo Bay Victoria has for backpackers as well as the fancier, more expensive kind. More information bed and breakfast apollo bay victoria
How do you experience Apollo Bay? 
  • Scenic Sight of the Community. If you intend to take your fill of the awesome panoramic sight of Apollo Bay, never miss the Mariners Lookout. When you are up there, get your telescope and focus your lens eastward. Find the SS Casino site shipwreck that sank close to the shore.
  • Experience Nature. If you enjoy nature and want to see the natural vegetation and fauna of the place, there is an excellent little spot for you in Apollo Bay. You can hike, go mountain biking, horse riding and even go camping in the woods right in the heart of the Great Otway National forest. If you intend to have an easier activity, a short picnic will certainly do before you head back to your selected bed and breakfast Apollo Bay Victoria currently has to offer.
  • Enjoy the Taste of Fresh Fish and Shellfish. Your visit to the Apollo Bay will not be complete without trying fresh fish and shellfish caught by the locals. Make certain to spend a mid-day to try out various cafes as well as dining establishments that offer different fish and shellfish meals.
  • Go on a Fishing Journey. If trying fresh seafood inspired you to fish, you could absolutely try deep sea fishing. You will not be let down with the many guided deep sea fishing experiences you can choose from. You can leave your other belongings in your chosen bed and breakfast in Apollo Bay Victoria so you can have more room for your potential catch.
  • Shop Local Flavours. Select from various souvenir shops or just browse through their large option of regional fruits and vegetables so you can have your own fresh concoction when you go back to your Apollo Bay Victoria bed and breakfastholiday accommodation. It would be best if you shop on a Saturday as there are various suppliers gathering at the shore to sell their wide selection of fresh produce and crafts and handmade items for artsy-craftsy enthusiasts.
Even if you have visited the Apollo Bay in the past, a repeat will be a new adventure. What’s good in Apollo Bay is that as the season changes, the landscape also improves and becomes more beautiful each time you visit. You can go online to find bed and breakfast Apollo Bay Victoria currently offers or visit https://www.captains.net.au/ for more details.