Selecting the top-notch football gear for an enthusiastic football lover

You will be quite surprised to know that a recent study conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado reports that football helmets that cost more than regular helmets may not be able to offer a better shield against injuries. The report also suggests that you may not be able to discern any real difference between the old and new models, and the reconditioned helmets may also work with equal proficiency as long as the reconditioning was executed in time. This report implies that once you buy a good quality helmet and maintain it properly, it will continue to be your constant companion while playing. Another crucial requirement of playing football includes the comfortable pants that offer protection as well as make the person feel at ease. When you are in search of football pants to boost the enthusiasm of the little football fanatics in your home, you will be overwhelmed with the choice of these pants. However, with proper information and a helpful guide, you will soon be able to select the perfect soccer pants for yourself or your kids.

Football pants

Classifications of the soccer pants

This guide is sure to help football lovers select comfortable and optimum football pants, which can be typically divided into three broad categories.

Integrated pad soccer pants: These pants are equipped with built-in pads that are deemed to be safe for washing machines. These pants have the knee, thigh, hip and often the tailbone area sewn with pads that act like a buffer when the player collides with a hard object. Pants with built-in pads are the most popular options among football experts because these offer higher levels of comfort and safety. Also, having the pads pre-sewn into the garment can substantially reduce the overall cost of buying the pants and pad separately.

Flyless soccer pants: These football pants are specifically made for kids as these are armed with no lace up design, which aids in easy pulling on and off. These pants are designed and produced for juvenile players who can use the pants for ease, comfort and simplicity and are 100 percent washable. You can also select styles that have hip, thigh and knee region padded or have a belted waist. read more

6 Key Reasons Why You Should Use a Cycling Kit for Your Rides

You do not have to be a professional cyclist to use one of the best cycling kits available on the market today. Even if you are just doing it for a hobby or for a fitness regimen, it is still best to be in the standard jerseys, shorts, suits, or gilets than just wearing normal clothing. Why?

Cycling kits

1. They fit better.

Mostly, cycling jerseys and shorts are designed with fabric that sits close to your skin or base layer, which means that they make for a better fit. Also, these garments are quite flexible, so whatever you do during your rides—climbing or getting off your bike, leaning forward to reach the handlebars, or pedalling—they will easily go along with your movements.

2. They wick sweat better.

Cycling skinsuits and jerseys are made of high-performance technical fabric that can wick away sweat from your skin way better than cotton. As a result, you will not experience the discomfort brought by the sudden changes in temperatures while cycling.

3. They are more convenient to wear.

Typically, modern cycling kits already come with convenient features, such as zippers that you can open when the ride gets hotter and close when you are starting to feel cold. Some jerseys are even designed with full-length zippers that can be very useful when you ride under the scorching heat of summer. All in all, standard cycling jerseys are really useful in managing your body temperature.

4. They make you safer while on the road.

Hi-visibility cycling jackets and gilets are becoming more popular these days for their ability to keep riders safer while on the road. In fact, these garments have helped reduce the risk of cyclists getting involved in an accident over the years. What’s more, waterproof cycle clothing also keeps you protected from the elements.

5. They stand out in terms of aesthetics.

Wearing cycle clothing is not just about comfort, safety and functionality, but is also about looking good, of course. No matter what design you are looking for—cycling gilets, suits, or jerseys—you can always find something that will suit your style. Check out read more