Discover NSW’s Best Luxury Boutique Accommodation Options

Modern lifestyle is increasingly becoming a demand and in order to live a luxurious and comfortable life, you have to push yourself hard and make work the center stage of your life. Given this pressure-cooker and highly demanding work environment, we all generally crave an opportunity for an escape in many of the NSW’s idyllic attractions, and what better way to do that than by choosing the super-comfortable luxury boutique hotels NSW options!

Once in a while in life, it is important to get away and give yourself a superb treat that comes once in a lifetime. Luxury boutique hotels in NSW offer you just that. They are not just run of the mill or the more conventional standard five-star accommodations. They do not just sell you comfort during your holidays but they sell you unique and unforgettable experiences that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. This is what luxury travel is all about. It is an opportunity to get pampered and treated with things that are really off the beaten path.

Whether you are looking for some romantic getaway and accommodation, luxury accommodation or just some stunning holiday setting, NSW offers it all with a unique array of accommodations that you can choose from during your travels. The luxury boutique hotels NSW options come in all kinds of styles and types which generally range from the luxury NSW resorts to the hotels, apartments, holiday homes, NSW luxury boutique hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations, cottages and homesteads amongst others.

The highly diversified luxury travel market in NSW even includes the luxury eco-lodges for the travelers looking for some close encounters with nature. In terms of the styles of the luxury boutique hotels NSW accommodations, travelers can also choose from a wide array such as the contemporary styles and even the more indulgent luxury style that brings out the charm of the old world. The opportunities to get a pampered and luxurious holiday are seemingly endless if you take your time to take a look at the various offerings available. read more

Treat yourself to a beach resort in Pattaya with easy access to the beach

Ever wished you could reside at a place where you can easily access a beach whenever you feel like it? If yes, then a beach resort in Pattaya with easy access to the beach is the perfect destination for you. During your stay in one of these amazing resorts, you can always have a retreat to the beach and spend some time there as you wish.

 Not all resorts will always offer you a beach, as a matter of fact, some of them do not even have swimming pools to boast of. In most of Pattaya resorts, however, the beaches are at your disposal. There are just a lot of astonishing events and features in Pattaya that make it a wonderful holiday and retreat destination.


One may feel the urge to have a swim, whether to engage in it as a sport or just to cool off. Accessing them may be the major barricade to having a good time. In Pattaya resorts, the beaches are just a stone’s throw away. Just a few minutes’ walk will get you to the beach. Pattaya Bay beaches have on offer everything it takes to give you a one-of-a-kind beach experience. It is a long beach with a crescent shape. Sun and sand are in abundance.

                 Sightseeing tours

While enjoying your stay at a beach resort in Pattaya with easy access to the beach, you can also feed your eyes to the great features and activities Pattaya has to offer. One may take a hike up the Pattaya Hill. From the hill, one can have a wide view of the curved Pattaya Bay both at day and night. At the peak of the hill, there is a statue of HRH Prince of Jumborn who was the father of RTN Broadcasting station and the Royal Thai Navy.

Just close by, there is also another hill known as the Phra Tamnak Hill. Buddha images are enshrined at its summit and you can go up and pay homage to them.

Do you love sea animals? Would like a place you could view them at close range? Well, Pattaya is the place for you. Pattaya Dolphin World is a proud presenter of Dolphin Intelligent Shows. You can take a retreat to this spot to view nature at its best. read more

Vacation Destinations: Best Activities to Enjoy on Beaten Path Travel

Love exploring off the beaten path destinations? Do you envision spending your next weekend in a coastal paradise? Long no more! You can pack your bags and visit Rainbow Beach in Queensland. Before you make your way there, you need to start by looking for an affordable motel Rainbow Beach has to offer, or any type of accommodation that would suit your budget or kind of travel.

While Rainbow Beach was once a secret gem, more and more tourists are discovering this coastal haven in Queensland. Once a mining site, this Sunshine Coast town is slowly becoming one of the top holiday spots in the region. Before you book a motel in Rainbow Beach, here is a list of activities you can choose from:


This is one of the most popular activities among tourists who visit Rainbow Beach. If you do not fancy staying in a motel Rainbow Beach can offer, you can look for a campsite and set up a tent there. Inskip Peninsula in Sunshine Coast is one of the best spots in the region to have a camp on since the view is picturesque. Beach camping is truly one of the best ways to experience Rainbow Beach.

Explore the Colored Sands

The name Rainbow Beach was patterned after the colorful cliffs that dominate the Rainbow Beach Surf Club. These cliffs run for up to 2 kilometers and are made up of sand of different shades! There are so many ways to enjoy these colored sands and all of them will give you more appreciation for nature’s work.

4WD Driving

You can explore the inner parts of the beach or take on a 4WD adventure by the beach – either way, you will enjoy the thrilling ride experience. Once you check into a motel Rainbow Beach has to offer, go out there and drive around to see the amazing views of the island.

Visit the Double Island Point Lighthouse

You will find Double Island Point about 30 km south of Rainbow Beach. You can hike up the cliff and visit the lighthouse. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area and is a must for those who want to enjoy spectacular views of the ocean. If you’re lucky, you could even spot sharks, whales, or dugongs from there! read more